AIR NORTH DC-3 ``Yukon Sourdough``

Yukon Sourdough, a 1942 Douglas C-47A/DC-3C, Recently is back in the skies, bringing joy and reverence to airshows across the country.

Our Story

A Piece of Aviation History

Celebrating the Joy of Flying at Airshows Across the Country

‘Yukon Sourdough’ was originally built as a C-47 during WWII in 1942, and served 7 years with the Royal Canadian Air Force. It is now owned by a non-profit group based in southern California made up of dedicated aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and mechanics, and has been fully-restored to a state of airworthiness. Thanks to a lot of hard work by volunteers and the generous donations and sponsorship, ‘Yukon Sourdough’ is allowing people of all generations to experience first-hand the sights and sounds of a vintage aircraft, and admire the rich history DC-3s have in both military and civilian aviation.

We Need Your Support

Yukon Sourdough is operated by the GHF. It is currently hangered at Rider Jet Center in Hagerstown, MD, but is waiting for warm weather to relocate to Southern California. It is an extremely expensive endeavor to steward. We rely on donations to preserve it and continue to bring it to airshows and events. We typically don’t fly during the airshows unless we are departing, but we do not consider ourselves a static display either. Our volunteers find it exceptionally rewarding to interact with upwards of 1500 children and parents during airshow events. What most don’t see are the sleepless nights that go in to making it all happen. 

Preserving Vintage Aviation

We consider ourselves stewards to Yukon Sourdough DC-3. The DC-3 is known for many things, one of which is being immortal due to their overbuilt construction. They were built in a time long before computers existed for engineering. Production of these started in 1935 and to this day there are still some commercially flying passengers and cargo around the world. There are a few companies buying up old neglected DC-3’s and renewing them with turbine power. There is an old saying “when they deliver the last Boeing 747 to the boneyard, a DC-3 crew will be there to pick them up”. Yukon Sourdough is 82 years old. There have been a number of folks involved in maintaining and piloting her over the years. As the plane continues to outlive us, we realize we are just stewards, we can’t take it with us when we depart. 

We Thank you for Your Support

”Yukon Sourdough” only remaining DC-3 in the Air North livery. It is operated by the 501©(3) nonprofit GHS based in San Diego, CA. We help honor American and Canadian military and civilian aviation history through flight, exhibition, education, remembrance demonstrations, and events, allowing the public to experience first-hand the sights and sounds of vintage aviation.
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